ICANN and the new gTLD Program

ICANN is a multi-stakeholder, non-profit organisation, incorporated in California, USA. It is responsible for the delegation of generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) on the Internet, such as the familiar .COM or .ORG domain names, or the lesser known .AERO or .MUSEUM. These gTLDs stand apart from country code TLDs such as .ZA and .UK, which are allocated based on the United Nations ISO country code list.


ICANN New gTLDsIn 2012, ICANN embarked on a program to facilitate the application and launch of new TLDs into the Internet. In June 2012, ICANN announced that it had received 1930 applications, dotDurban (.durban) being one of them. In addition to this application 16 others were filed from Africa, including dotAfrica (.Africa), dotCapeTown (.CapeTown) and dotJoburg (.Joburg).

A prominent feature of the new gTLD programme is the appearance of Geographic Names. Several other prominent international cities and regions have also submitted applications to ICANN for their corresponding Geo TLDs.

Geographic Name Applications

Other Geo, City Applications